Creative Team Events

At little art we offer mindful art experiences for companies that care about their teams. For groups that want to find new ways to collaborate and grow together, inspiring participants to break through their personal, social and creative blocks and increase productivity.

We disconnect from digital devices and reconnect with our making hands, to tinker and discover unique forms of self-expression. We challenge established working patterns through deliberate provocations, to generate open ended possibilities and cultivate out of the box creative thinking.

The journey is the destination!

Short on time but love the concept? Contact us for a 1-1.5 hour networking breakfast or evening workshop for building creative connections, or breakout session to help people relax in a flow state.

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What do we offer?

We work closely with you to create the right space for your team’s sense of curiosity & wonder to come out and play through our Creativity LABs. We use art, sensory and creative processes to help you slow down, notice and learn more intimately about the unique ways you and your colleagues approach tasks and solve problems.

We offer a timeout.

A way to get into a state of flow, to notice and challenge learned behaviours and takeaway ideas you experienced to calm everyday anxieties.

We help you and your team courageously build creative confidence together, shifting perspectives on in-built social and operational boundaries. You will discover new ways of tackling challenges and find unexpected ways to collaborate and co-create. 

What makes us unique?

Hands-on experiences to get away from the digital and into your body

Letting go of the pressure to perform, taking risks to inspire.

New thinking patterns fuelled by inquisitiveness

Process-orientated ways to break conventional routines and get in a state of flow

Help you to explore improving focus and productivity, through inventive and intuitive exercises 

Mindful experiences to help you enjoy making a mess, stepping out of everyday stress to replenish energy

Who are our experiences for

Designers and creatives looking to explore new ways to solve problems and create, to spark joy in the process of slower analogue designing, reconnect with real life image making and observation.

Change Makers and Project teams looking to explore new ways to transform and innovate, generate new methods of collaboration and co-creation.

The Curious looking to let go of everyday stress, reconnect with their creative side and get into a state of relaxed flow.

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“My company hired Harriet for our team-building day, to lead a printing workshop. Harriet showed up with all the art supplies and inspiration we needed, gave us a very quick 10 min. demo and we then were already making our own art within the first 15 minutes of the workshop. It was incredibly fun - our employees did not stop talking about this event for days, and we also have tons (!) of beautiful, colorful art to put up in all our rooms. I would really highly recommend Harriet's workshops for any kind of office event!”

Tia Robinson
Co-Founder Expath.

“Harriet has the unique ability to bring creativity and innovation out in everyone through encouraging her students to embrace experimentation. She managed to awake my inner child during her workshop: After a while I found myself in a total state of flow, experimenting with the material I was given and being totally immersed in inventing new results. This experience helped me to calm my mind and structure my thoughts. I am now trying to find ways to bring my re-discovered experimental nature back to my daily work as a strategy consultant”

Julia Lettinger
Business Strategy Consultant

Berlin Print workshop, creative team event

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Who have we collaborated with?

YouTube, Set Live, Gimmemore, Fjord Design and Innovation Agency Berlin, SnapShot Hotel Analytics, Expath, Sankt Oberholz, Culture Fox, Little popup, Rabbel Magazine, Travelogue, We Work, Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, Jake and Maya Kids, Juggle Hub Coworking, ESMT Business School, Greta und Björn, Yin Yoga Berlin, Easy Busy Coworking Space.

Explore our business packages

Experimental Analogue Photography LAB

Play with the forgotten art of analogue photographic image-making.

Spark joy in the process of slow creation and observation.

Let go of the urge to be perfect and feel new creative impulses emerge.    


Take a moment to enjoy the flow through the printmaking process.

Get away from digital graphics and nurture your natural curiosity by exploring the surprising combinations of unexpected materials and layered techniques.


Let go of everyday stress and replenish your energy by diving into a mindful fluid paint process.

Turn-off the pressure of outcome and learn to embrace the serendipity of the imperfect.

Upcycled Creativity LAB for Team Building

Unleash the creative team spirit and help them reconnect with their inner child in this quirky and fun exploration of the unknown.

Build something unexpected alone or in teams. You will be amazed at all the creative solutions you can come up with.

Interested in organising something completely bespoke and created uniquely for your team?

A time out session during your conference or event or a Creative Breakfast workshop?

We also offer an 8-12 week creativity mentoring programme, to help your team prevent burnout and increase overall mental wellbeing, feeding a creative habit.

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