little art, Family Arts LAB in Berlin

Our little art concept for families, at the heart of all we do together through our LAB

We offer creative play LAB environments, inspired by the building blocks of art.

We plant seeds of multi-sensory ideas, to nurture and grow with our little art families.

We foster authentic experiences, mindfully being present in the moment.

We are process and journey, not goal orientated.

We set up loose invitations to explore in an open ended way.

A person-centred approach underpins our philosophy.

We offer quality time for the Slow Familyto disconnect from phones and re-connect with each other, and to ourselves.

We’re driven by being inquisitive, through experiences  that encourage both the innate curiosity of the child, and open up the creative inner child of grown-ups.

We are an enquiry based community, we ask questions and listen, watch and play, both alongside and together.

Adults enjoy and trust in their child's innate abilities to discover and lead the way!

There are 3 pathways in our regular classes for Under 6s (update December 2017: currently on hold pending new LAB location for Story / Music ones):

Story Explorer classes offer themed storytelling sessions to spark the imagination, through sensory art and drama LAB based adventures.

Art Explorer classes offer varied LABs of art materials to investigate, experiment and find your own unique marks.

Music & Art Explorer classes offer themed visual and sonic based interactive sessions, to explore and experiment within an LAB of drawing, shadows, colours, textures, sounds through magical objects. 

/// We also offer seasonal Art LABs- process art, music and sensory play orientated, check out our latest offer here for March 2018

Kids aged 6-18 years

We offer creative LABs which begin with a proposal of materials as a starting point, with one-to-one support helping each child explore, experiment and realise their own unique projects. We also offer gently led workshops, where educators and children or teenagers work towards a goal e.g. simple hand made flip book.However we ensure that the outcomes all look and feel unique to the individual.See current offers here.

Parent & Child workshops aged 6+

We offer exploratory workshops for a parent and child pair to work both alongside one another and collaboratively,connecting through a shared and nurturing inquiry based experience. For example, creating jewellery together or graphic zines- See current offers here.

Some creative, educational and wellbeing inspirations for the little art concept:

The enquiry and child-centred approach of Reggio Emilia.

Embracing the seasons in the Waldorf Steiner pedagogy.

International, contemporary and historical approaches to artistic and creativity research

Slow Parenting and styles of living mindfully. 

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We also offer adult art and creative classes, workshops and pop up LABs, more about this person-centred concept can be found here

 Photo: Katja Harbi

Photo: Katja Harbi

Harriet Poole: Founder and Curator of little art. Creativity Mentor. Creative Education Consultant.

In April 2014, Harriet opened up her magical little art suitcases in Berlin. As a creative and quirky artist & educator, she loves living the joy in the everyday and the playful. She sees a matchbox, potato masher or torch as wonderful little life tools to use to look at things at bit differently.

Harriet loves the magic of Mary Poppins and the performative storytelling of Secret Cinema. In 2012, the video installation work of Pipilotti Rist  experienced together with her then baby daughter at the Hayward Gallery, London,  was totally mesmerising and enticing for both herself as a parent and a baby immersed in a multi-sensory playscape. It helped to grow a seed of an idea for a new kind of weekly experience for children. As a young child, she watched again and again Mr Benn’s magical changing room whisking him away to strange new worlds, and the secret surprise musical box of Camberwick Green. 

Originally, Harriet is from London, and has been in Berlin since  April 2013. She is a UK qualified(PGCE) Visual Arts and Design teacher and mentor, having worked at Berlin Bilingual School, Berlin Metropolitan School, Fröbel and Be Smart Kitas here in Berlin, and previously for many years as Director of Visual Arts and Design at The BRIT School, alongside her art practice. Harriet is a parent to a playful and inspiring 6 year old.

Educationally, Harriet has a BA in Fine Art, MA in Theatre, (Visual Language of Performance.) She has made many performative events in London, including at The Nunnery, Camden People’s Theatre, Duckie @ The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and in Alte Saline, Hallein, Austria. She especially loves beautifully illustrated books, making up stories, vintage and homemade craft, and creating artworks across live art, photography, video, illustration and craft. Precious family sketchbook time is also high on her list of loves. She enjoys wandering through and being curious in the beautiful and bonkers visual city of Berlin, hand in hand with her daughter and their big open eyes, hearts and minds.

Harriet speaks English (Native) and German (B1).

Harriet is also a Creative Educational Consultant, to support development of innovative arts curriculums across kindergartens & schools, matched to local needs. As a Creativity Mentor she works 1-2-1 or in small groups exploring igniting creativity thorugh mindful art practices. Email for more about these services.