We’re on a journey to connect communities and ignite imaginations through our Creativity LABs. Through freedom of self-expression, we are learning to be present in all our senses, in a beautiful, disruptive mess. 


Together we build a research based intercultural and intergenerational community. We listen and ask questions, observe and explore, both alongside and together.

We grow communities together through the building blocks of art, creativity and mental wellbeing.

We believe in the restorative practices of finding your flow through self-expression, in exploring creativity courageously towards increasing personal resilience.

We foster spontaneous authentic experiences, mindfully being present in the moment.

We plant seeds of ideas to open up connections to all of your senses, - sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, intuition, and sense of self.

We thrive in the unique ‘Aha!’ moments of processes, not following predetermined paths to set outcomes.

We set up material provocations to explore in an open ended way, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

A person-centred approach underpins our philosophy.

We offer quality time for slownessto disconnect from phones and re-connect and bond with each other.

We’re driven by being inquisitive and imperfect, through experiences  that encourage both the innate curiosity of the child, and open back up the creative inner child of adults.

We aim to unleash and nourish the creative spirit in us all, especially that which can get lost for older kids and adults in a commercial world.


Some inspirations for the little art concept:

Process based art, focusing on the journey of exploration

The inquiry and child-centred Reggio Emilia Approach, where the secrets of materials are uncovered, unique to the individual.

wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy celebrating the beauty both in imperfection and the transience of everyday


Our growing concept and approach to creativity © little art 2019

little art process art class kids adults Berlin

Our experiences are currently offered in real life in Berlin, we can travel with our Creativity LAB suitcases, just ask! We will be offering online courses in 2019, please join the mailing list to keep in touch.