Experimental Analogue Photography LAB

Play with the forgotten art of analogue photographic image-making in the daylight of the studio.

Discover the joy of generating truly mesmerising graphic images.

analogue photography workshop, berlin team event
Analogue Photography Workshop, Berlin

Overview and process

We work hands-on exploring image making through the old process of photograms and sun prints, examining tone, pattern, shape and composition.

We experiment with resin coated photographic paper and darkroom chemicals to create chemigrams, adding vibrant and subtle colours to our abstract images.

We work both alone and collaboratively, embracing imperfection and learning to utilise found objects in the creative process.

To support our investigations, little art will put together an inspiration station with a range of renowned photographic works and the overview of the various techniques

Participants will take away a wide range of photographic pieces of work they have created with their own hands, which can be displayed in your workplace


Improving creativity in the workplace, allowing the joy of the unexpected to rekindle creativity

Discovering novel ways to collaborate and strengthen connections between team members, away from day to day tasks

Letting go of the high performance pressure

Learning new hands-on tools to relax and improve focus through mindful creative play


How long?
3 hour workshop OR combine with other offers for full-day experience

What is included?
All materials and supplies included

How many participants? Up to 12 people in our studio, can be more at your choice of location

We come to your workplace or happily invite you and your team to our studio in Prenzlauer Berg


If you want to book this package or have any other questions feel free to fill out the form below or send us a message.

Please note: This offer can be extended to an 8-week-long program. Longer modules have shown to be beneficial in preventing burnout, as well as increasing the overall mental wellbeing of the participants