How much do little art courses, workshops and events cost?

Prices vary depending on how early you book,  the length and nature of the course or workshop, or whether you are entitled to discount booking for a sibling. The classes/workshops  have  prices on the relevant page, and include all art, sensory or musical resources. From 1st January 2017, class prices stated  will have an additional 19% VAT charge. 

How do I book?

Through the website. In case of queries please email little art will be on summer break 14-22nd August 2017, with limited email access. September term classes will however remain online for booking. If you have any queries during these times we will respond to them after the holidays.

Can I pay cash?

We do not handle cash on the little art premises, and therefore we require all payments to be through our online booking system. You pay through the integrated payment system on the website.

Is my class guaranteed to run?

We may have minimum sign up numbers which are reviewed 5-7 days before class starts. We will be in touch if your slot isn't likely to run, and offer you a different one. Please tell all your friends you are taking part so they can join you!

Do you do family discounts?

Yes, we offer a 40 Euro discount for siblings for the regular 10 week block, please put the class in your basket and at checkout use the code SiblingLASEPT17. Sibling discount is available for workshops and other events, code given in each service product.

Can I do a trial (demo) class?

Yes, demo classes for classes can be booked through the website, or email if the term has begun. These are available for the September  sessions, see individual classes for times. A demo class gives a sample experience of the block, it is not a one-off workshop, please make sure you have checked the term dates work for you before booking a demo. Please note however that booking and taking part in a demo class in the first week of September does not guarantee a spot in a particular class, the 10 week blocks for the term are also open for booking. Many people also do not wish to do a demo/trial and book the term, the classes build from week to week and are enjoyed over time, seeing your child's personal and creative growth within the experience.

Can I come to classes occasionally?

You can come to one-off events and workshops, but the weekly term of classes are block booking of 10 classes only, due to limited space and the concept of personal growth through exploring art over time. In the early weeks of term it may be possible to join the class for the remaining section of the block, if a class has spaces. Please contact us if you are interested to find out if there is a space for you.

How long are courses?

The block for the story or art explorer classes is 10  weeks depending on the term, once per week. The Art & Music class starts later in the term and is 7 weeks.Other workshops or events have different lengths depending on the nature of them.

10 weeks is a long block in warm / hot weather – will it always be indoors?

Warm and dry weather is a great time to do art! Weather permitting we can meet at the Volkspark Friedrichshain, 3 minutes from the lab for art in the park.

Do you have a waiting room if I come early?

We are sorry but currently we do not have space to accommodate this, please only arrive 10 minutes before the start of a class, to ensure the previous class has time and space to get dressed and pack up. Please don't bring large bags to class, we are limited on space in the changing area.

I keep seeing the words ‘self-directed classes’, what does that mean?

It means it isn’t a taught class where children have to do set exercises – it’s about child-centred discovery and play, where the child and adult is free to explore the activities and the theme of the week. This is the nature of the Art Explorer classes.  The Story and Music Explorer classes are opened and concluded with a leader led activity.You can read more about the little art concept under 'About us.'

Why are your courses mostly block bookings?

little art courses are about providing your child with the building blocks they need to love and appreciate art – and that’s something that happens over time.By booking an entire block of lessons, you create a regular time to do art together, where your child (and you) can make friends, grow in confidence, and build creative, problem solving and social skills from week to week. It also gives you an opportunity to explore your own creativity, working alongside one another sharing the journey. Of course, it’s good for business too – block bookings guarantee that we’ll have enough children to offer the course each week.

Why can’t you hold a place for me?

Group sizes are kept low so that every child who takes part gets lots of access to materials, and we don’t overcrowd the available room.We can only reserve a place for you once you make a booking, so please don’t just send us the dates you’re interested in – use our booking system to make sure you’re officially signed up.

What does the Story or Music Explorer classes leader do, exactly?

little art founder Harriet devises and brings to life an art play LAB that she, or another leader, will facilitate during each session. This means they will open and close the classes with led activities, and during the playscape of self-discovery, the leader will play alongside the children, offer new materials in response to the actions of the group, or prepare the rooms or resources for the next section of the class (where applicable). This style of facilitation helps to encourage children’s independence, problem solving and creative thinking: all important skills for life and art!

What does the leader do in an Art Explorer class?

little art founder Harriet devises and brings to life an art play LAB that she, or another leader, will facilitate during each session. In the little art/ tiny Art Explorer classes, you simply arrive and explore the environments together on a journey of self-discovery, without theme or framework or expectations. Some activities the leader may come and play alongside, but the style is intentionally ‘hands off.’ The leader may also be preparing the rooms or resources for the next section of the class (where applicable.) This style of facilitation helps to encourage children’s independence, problem solving and creative thinking: all important skills for life and art!

What’s my role as a parent in a child-centred class?

little art offers a special approach to making art experiences together, (see 'About Us,' for more on the concept.) The concept is for the joy of the moment through open ended play for all! Parents are invited to let their little artists be the leaders – give your child room to explore processes without being guided to use tools in a certain way or aim for a particular finished product. Enjoy seeing where their innate creativity and curiosity takes them! You can also make alongside one another and enjoy talking about how each of you interprets the materials: learn from one another. For the youngest artists, simple actions like taking your own piece of clay and mark making or ball rolling alongside is a great start, your child may choose to watch you or be totally engrossed in their own play which is great and shouldn’t be discouraged. Your role may be that of an assistant, getting more paper at their request for example. Sometimes you may wish to take pieces of art that have been made home, other times it may be much more taking an experience as a happy memory to live on in the mind, spark a new idea for art at home,  or just talk again about outside the class with family and friends.We just ask that excessive use, waste and mess be gently discouraged, allowing for materials being readily available for all, and the space within the working environment allowing for free movement without hazards. We have tidy up time where we all help out at the end, ready for the next class arriving.

Why can’t I book for more than one adult: one child in regular classes?

Whilst we would love to accommodate on a regular basis an additional parent/ guest for each child, space is unfortunately very limited in our current studio. We want to keep the flow of movement around the activities as much as possible, for the enjoyment of all. We can sometimes accommodate an additional parent/ guest when someone in the class notifies in advance they cannot attend, or the class is not yet full. Please email us in advance to discuss. If Opa is in town we will try our best to let him join too, or if not, you can enjoy a coffee in a cafe very nearby while Opa enjoys the experience themselves with your little artist. On the other side, if you are a parent booking in two children, please email so that it can be noted that there will be a bit more space to accommodate a guest in a given class.

We do offer Family Arts LAB events where everyone is welcome, please check out the home page for upcoming events.

I’ve missed the course start date – can I still join in?

This may be possible if there are still places, early on in the course. Please email and ask with a specific class / event date and time in mind. We are only interested in you joining a class later (space permitting) if you have read the about us and feel its the right concept for you. 

We can’t make the class this week – can we do a make-up class?

The 10 week block is valid during the 10 scheduled weeks of the term. You can attend 10 of any of the specific class you are signed up for, check the class term dates for the holiday break, or do up to 3 make up classes, if emailed to request within 24 hours of the missed class start time. We will offer you an age appropriate make up class across the week. 

The holiday dates are not included as part of the 10 scheduled weeks.

PLEASE NOTE FROM 1/9/17: CHANGE TO TAKE MY PLACE/ SELL A CLASS: It is no longer possible to sell or gift a spot for a single class. The block is only for the child named on it, valid within the dates on it. See website under Terms & Conditions for more on this.

Do you do drop-off classes, or does a carer have to stay with the child?

Yes, we run classes for 4+ year olds and workshops, join the newsletter to find out more.

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes, we host birthday parties at the little art lab, with one of our leaders taking the children through art-based activities and games. The party theme can be personalised to the child. Please see the section of the website which contains more information about parties.For large groups we can source alternative venues.We also offer badge making parties, perfect for mixed age groups.

Do you have courses for older children too without parents?

We have regular workshops for older children, with and without parents. If you have a request please ask!

I have a baby and want to bring them along with their older sibling, is this ok?

Young, non-moving babies carried in a sling are ok to attend, worn on the parent of the first child, but due to the nature of materials they can't be put onto the floor. We run baby classes from aged 6 months specially designed for them, please see these under 'classes.'Please leave smaller baby equipment in the changing places or larger in a buggy outside, we have limited space I'm afraid.

My English/German is not so good – will it be a problem?

Not at all. The most important language is Visual! Open to all. Classes are conducted in English by a native/fluent speaker. The classes provide an opportunity for language skills to develop through content and immersion rather than actual language teaching. Some one-to-one support in German can often be offered, if desired. Some leaders may speak other languages, this information will be given in course or workshop information.

My child doesn’t speak English – will they still be able to do the class?

See above point.We are an international community of families and welcome everyone. 

What should my child wear for the class?

Play clothes you don’t mind getting messy. We believe that all materials we use are washable, but this may not always be the case. Bring spare socks or slippers for both you and your child, sometimes you might get wet / messy feet.

My child has allergies or medical/ educational needs, who do I discuss this with?

Please complete this on the Registration form that complete when you book. After reading the class descriptions, you are also welcome to contact to discuss further before booking. Unfortunately we do not have a disabled toilet on the premises. There is one step into the premises from the street and then into the lab.

I’m not sure if my child is well enough for the class today, should I attend?

Children and their grown-ups should all be in good and non-contagious health to attend these classes, for the safety and well-being of everyone. If you are in any doubt please seek sound medical advice you are entirely happy with and email beforehand. Please also ensure everyone is fully recovered before your return. It would be very helpful if you can notify little art if you cannot attend, so that space could be offered to someone for a make up class.

How can I best keep in touch with upcoming little art activities?

Be sure to join the weekly mailing list at, as well as interact with us at The hashtags for us on #littleartberlin and #littleartlab #littleart are used to share images.

Other questions? Email us at

LAST UPDATED: August 2017