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Love our little art concept and want to have this for your workplace's family event or other special family occasion…how about a birthday or wedding? We unpack our magical vintage suitcases at your location, with a unique Creativity LAB, tailored to your needs. We bring you the joy of person-led explorations with materials, igniting ideas through imaginative play and process art.

Take the stress out of finding engaging activities this year! Let us help nurture the family relationships across your community, making meaningful & creative connections together.

From shadowy forest sculptures, to upcycled creativity LABs or badge making art, little art can help create a memorable and bespoke event for your group of big and little artists! 


Family Events Berlin, Kids events, Veranstaltungen für Kinder

Option 1

Badge Making LAB

Make unique wearable art, keyrings or mirrors, a little piece of art-to-go

Family Events Berlin, Kids events, Veranstaltungen für Kinder

Option 2

The Magical Forest LAB

Create shadow puppets, clay sculptures & storytelling. Perfect for little ones

Family Events Berlin, Kids events, Veranstaltungen für Kinder

Option 3

Upcycled Creativity LAB

Make everyday junk extraordinary through upcycled fashion, sculptures, whatever can be imagined

Option 1: Badge Making LABs. Who doesn't love a handmade badge? Perfect for mixed-age guests from ages 2+

little art badge making, Family Events Berlin, Kids events, Veranstaltungen für Kinder

Badge Making LAB

In this badge making LAB, we open up our suitcases for free creative exploration across drawing, collage, printing (stamps), with beautiful and vintage papers and designs.  Supported by an educator to offer guidance as desired. Can be seasonally ( or other ) themed. Guests will take home mini wearable works of art. We can also quote for mirrors and even design medals!

We even have special non-sharp fastenings for any little party guests under 5, or can also provide an alternative design as a larger medal for 2-4 year olds. Please mention this on the form.

Duration: 1.5 hours + *. Can be combined with other offers.

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Tell us about your event we will create a quote for you.

*This event was twice presented as a pop up Family Creativity LAB at the Berlinische Galerie, in 2017 & 2018.


Option 2: The Magical Forest for 2+ year olds: Summer creativity crafting in nature!

Kids Art Events in Berlin, Family Art, Kinderkunst,. Familienkunst

About The Magical Forest: 

We invite the little artists to come and uncover their own secrets of the forest through open ended & creative child-led play. They will be rummaging through the suitcases of materials and tools, exploring a little miniature forest inspired world set up as invites to play. We work seasonally, and with Summertime we can bring in the lush green forest and abundance of forest animals.

Working under the magic of torches and little lights, we grow shadowy objects and organic sounds, extending their inquiries through asking questions and offering connected materials along the way. We investigate organic shapes, forms and music in the beauty of natural materials from the forest floor, allowing whatever they imagine, maybe using clay, or woven branches and rattles projecting sound silhouettes, and flickers of movement of their own bodies into the shadows.  Process orientated, but kids may take home their creations to live on in the torch light at home- perhaps sculptures, mobiles, costumes, wreaths, wherever their forest play led them!

Duration: 1-1.5 hours. Can be combined with other offers, and also seasonal themed crafting workstation.

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Tell us about your event, and we will create a quote for you. We can add a sensory forest suitcase story to this option, great for toddlers, or adapt the event for an outdoor garden party.

Option 3: Upcycled Creativity out of the suitcases: Ages 3+. Great for large groups

Family Events Berlin, Kids events, Veranstaltungen für Kinder, kids festival

About the Upcycled Creativity LAB:

We unpack our suitcases full of colourful junk and joiners to imagine and invent whatever can be discovered! From wild and wacky fashion to body sculptures, genius inventions to hilarious hats, we let the participants lead the way, and support them on their adventures into making their very own creations,  with everyday thrown away and curious reclaimed objects. Depending on what they come up with, if you are interested we can add little spotlights and music, and spontaneously have a little sharing exhibition or dance party/ mini fashion show at the end. Everyone gets to take home their unique wearable art or creations.

Optional extra: Face painting workstation to add to the creations: We encourage the artists to take the brush and design for themselves!

Duration: 1.5 hour - whole days*

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*This event was part of Kidzapalooza Berlin, at Lollapalooza Festival 2018 and we will be back there in September 2019


Or how about something totally unique, created especially for your event? Tell us your ideas!

We also offer Mobile LABs for toddlers and kids, family groups of all ages, based directly on the classes on this website, and also seasonally eg Springtime, Summer, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. If the space you are using for the event allows it, you can have a Marvellously Messy Paint LAB- ask for more details.

We also work with Galleries and Museums, specialising in Early Years programmes, see photos from our recent event with the Berlinische Galerie here ( to be updated on here shortly)

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For adult only events, please see our page Creative Team Events. /