Watercolour Flow LAB

Let go of everyday stress and replenish your energy by diving into a mindful creative process. Learn to embrace the serendipity of the imperfect and nurture your creative intuition while creating unique abstract artworks.


Overview and process

We let go of the need for representation, across a variety of workstations, playfully and intuitively exploring various forms of watercolour and ink, from layering opaque blocks to translucent washes

We discuss the emerging marks, lines and patterns and come up with new methods for using colour, texture into collage  

We learn how to give way to our creative intuition

We take the time to investigate the relationship between visual elements, and use collage and drawing material to co-create unique art pieces

We come up with unexpected solutions and learn to combine various techniques and materials in novel creative ways, creating new thinking patterns

Participants will take away art pieces they have created in the course of the LAB. The art can be used to revitalize office and living spaces, serving as a reminder to take a breath and slow down


Inspiring creative confidence in the workplace, learning to embrace the element of risk taking and chance, to come up with creative solutions

Discovering how immersing in a creative flow gives rise to a more joyful collaborative process, re-establishing and strengthening connections between team members

Letting go of high performance pressure

Learning new hands-on tools to relax and improve focus through creative play


How long?
2.5 hour workshop or combine with other offers for full-day experience

What is included?
All art materials and supplies included

How many participants? Up to 14 people in our studio or more at your choice of location

We come to your workplace or happily invite you and your team to our studio in Prenzlauer Berg


If you want to book this package or have any other questions feel free to fill out the form below or send us a message.

Please note: This offer can be extended to a 8-week-long program. Longer modules have shown to be beneficial in preventing burnout, as well as increasing the overall mental wellbeing of the participants