little art is The Family Creativity LAB in Berlin. We curate intimate arts connections through classes and events, with curious little babies, kids and grown ups. We currently work in Community Hubs around Berlin, invite us for an Art Play! Pop Up, for a Mobile LAB or for a Birthday workshop!

little Art Explorers, kinderkunst Berlin

Art & Sensory Explorer classes for Under 6s offer child-led LABs of art, sensory and messy play materials and tools to investigate, experiment and find your own unique marks together.

little art berlin labs

NEW** Art Play! Pop Up LABs create a space for playful sensory art exploration for Under 6s through clay, collage, drawing and small world play, join us from January 2018 in spots around Berlin..or invite us to pop up! 

little art Kids LAB, kids workshop Berlin

little art Kids classes are creative Art LABs or workshops across drawing. animation, illustration, sculpture, jewellery, printing, painting, clay, mask making, and more..

adult art berlin, art workshop berlin, english, auf englisch, Kunst workshop, prenzlauer berg, boetzowviertel

Art for adults classes offer an inspiring space to explore your creativity, with gently guided courses and workshops. In some adult classes non-moving babies are welcome.